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Recently, I was speaking to the son of the Shaykh of the school where I presently study here in Mauritania (NABBAGHIYYAH). While he was asking me about a group of brothers from the UK that are interested in assisting some of the students of the mahdharah (school) financially and bookwise, he raised the issue of the state of the school mosque. He told me the history behind the mosque: its cost and the reason why the building starting. It was very sad to hear about the history but alhamduliLLAH, with ALLAH all is well.

Rear view of the new Mosque

He mentioned to me that some Qatari charity organisations came on a visit to the Shaykh and to get themselves acquainted with the state of the school. Seeing that the school has a mosque that is small and doesn't suffice the number of students while been tutored by the Shuyukh, they proposed that a new masjid should be built on their own account.

But before they will start by assistance, the school itself has to start the project after which they will give their support. Unfortunately, since the commencement of the construction of the mosque, these people have refused to turn up to the aid of this school. They left them alone to start a very big project that accomplishing it is like getting a water from a mirage. Although, they have really tried their best in sourcing for some money, building the mosque to a very considerable level but the problem of completion still sleeps with them like a nightmare.

Interior view of the new mosque

Buying of cements and iron rod from the city center is very expensive and transporting them to the desert is extremely difficult and costs so much money. This mahdharah is one of the best you can find in Mauritania with a very organised system. The numberof Shuyukh in the school is higher than any other mahdhara you can find in Mauritania. The Shaykh who is indeed a spiritual in the village takes care of the students by providing them with food and accomodation. He has with him seven (7) other Shuyukh teaching the students different sciences of the deen.

The present school mosque where lessons take place and behind is the new mosque

It is in this light that the son of the Shaykh who is indeed a wonderful and humble teacher requested from me that since I have friends in some parts of the world that, I should kindly assist them in using this means of the internet to call for donations in completing this mosque project. We beg you all, wonderful brothers and sisters in Islam to assist this school in putting up a mosque which will serve as a teaching center and also a place of ibadah for Muslims.

Whoever donates to the cause of building the house of ALLAH will surely be blessed with a house in paradise as said by the best of Mankind (SAW). As you all know that when a Muslims dies, everything seizes to count for him except three. One of them is his/her sadaqah (charity) that people benefit from continiously. My fellow brethren, how nice will it be for you and I to enjoy uncountable blessings in our graves just because people pray and obtain knowledge from the mosque where we put in our halal income.

I beg you all brothers and sisters who love the deen, who really want the deen to stand, who want people to benefit from good services to assist this poor people and student of knowledge in contributing generously for the completion of the house of ALLAH and a center for seeking beneficial knowledge.

If you have any donation, do see bank details below:
Account Owner: Mahadra Des Sces Isla De Nbaghya,
Account Number: 01506271401
Banque al Wava Mauritanienne Islamique,
BP 650 Nouakchott,
Key: 64
If you have anything for the school or have made any transfer, you can email or give me a phone call with the number I have provided: 00222 4458162

More info about the school and its village can be gotten from the blog of one of the foreign students who studies there presently

May ALLAH increases us all in Iman and taqwa.
Was salaamu alaykum warahmatULLAH.

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