Thursday, June 5, 2008



Was Salaatu was salaam ala Rasul al Kareem.

The internet in few years back have really made so many things easy. For me, I see it as a very big place but I still call it a small village. A small village in the sense that, you get everything that you need at your finger tips: either good or bad. Many have benefitted from it positively and likewise its opposite. Although the major turning point that I see in the use of the internet is the aftermath of the 9/11 crisis.

This accident really made so many people to be frequently clued to their PCs. In as much as there have been demerits on how Islam is been portrayed in the various media specifically internet, it has also help immensely in the promotion of da’awah and getting Muslims and non-Muslms to understand issues on Islam. My friend once told me about how a Polish brother reverted to Islam by getting information about Islam from the internet.

Still as there have been praisworthy and commendable things on the use of internet to promote our beautiful deen, there have been so much flaws amongst the Muslims’ use of it. I say this because I recognise the fact that I love reading from discussion forums, blogs and websites controlled by Muslims, so many of which are used in ill-ways.

Many will agree that some of us use this medium to transfer our knowledge of ignorance by issuing internet-based fatwas of issued that should only be touched by learned scholars thereby assigning ourselves as self-styled Muftis in our praiseworthy ignorant capacity. Some even go further to use their blogs, websites, discussion forums, etc as a place where our noble Shuyukh are slandered, people spread gossips and backbite to the point of leading people astray.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, I have been scared to start a blog of my own that I want to use as a place of knowledge exchange within its acceptable limit, an avenue to share thoughts, ideas and opinions between people. On the other thought, I still ask myself, why start a blog/website when you have Sheikhynotes.blogspot,, and their likes.

Despite all these, I still fear that I may still be a victim of the internet ill-use if Shaytan whispers to me to post pages that shouldn’t be read. Anyone reading this may now ask why have I decided to start using this blog after creating it over a long time. My answer is not far: while I was speaking to the son of the Shaykh in the mahdhara where I presently study, he asked me if I have a blog as he knows my friend controls two blogs. I only told him that I had no much time for it as my excuse.

His respone was direct: you have to be using it because it is important. Almost everything have turned to IT so make use of it. Imagine, this was said to me by someone who lives in the desert. From his words, I deemed it fit to start posting on it as long as I seek ALLAH’s guidance not to fall a prey like those who have decided to use their pages to commit and spread fitna instead of benefitting others with relevant informations and transfer of knowledge.

From the statement of the son of the Shaykh, hence my start to post with this first post. I believe in his words, there is barakah and I start this in the name of ALLAH Azza wa Jall.

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Salam: the Shqykh is right, no matter how unlikely.