Friday, March 27, 2009

Maulid with Shaykh Muh'd al Ya'qubi in Damascus Part 2

Wa salla ALLAHU 'ala sayyidina Muhammad wa aalihi wa sallam.
I don't know if it's right for me to say part two of the recent maulid gathering that our beloved venerable teacher, As sayyid Muhammad al Ya'qubi honoured or I say this is the continuation of the end of the beginning. Anyway that doesn't really matter as the focus is about the Maulids in Damascus.

I was about writing on the Maulid in the masjid where Shaykhuna delivers his khutbah but the one I left some minutes back has forced me to skip it till another posting insha ALLAH. Amazing as it is always. This time around, I won't say Shaykhuna was fantastic and amazing as usual but BEYOND AMAZING. Shaykhuna was doing what he knows how to do best.

Although I reached the masjid of Shaykh al Akbar Ibn Arabi where the Maulid was held because I went to visit my ever wonderful friend sidi Waathiq who is not feeling too well. I had to spend some time with him and also force him to keep me company as we attend the maulid together. Reaching the masjid shortly after Maghrib was the speech of Shaykhuna occupying all corners of the masjid and the busy market with the mixture of rainful.

I don't know if the masjid was vibrating due to the wonderful speech of Shaykhuna or due to the loudness of the speakers. Indeed the former was the reason behind the vibration. The Shaykh himself was vibrating and was more than the way I used to know him. The speech carried me up and I couldn't return. Even my rock-like heart this time around tried to melt a bit to the wonderful admonition coming from the Shaykh's mouth.

The lessons: People in our time now mention the few last ayahs of surah al Kahf to justify or prove that the Prophet(SAW) is just but a man like every other man, SubhanALLAH. In the Shaykh's words he said that the implication of this word is like equating him to the non Muslims because they are also like every other persons.
But looking from several ahaadith reported in the major books the Prophet(SAW) mentioning how he could see what is behind him like he sees what is in front, how he could hear sounds from the heavens but none amongst the companions could, how his saliva was shifaa when he spat on the eyes of Imaam Ali (RA) and it healed his problem with his eyes, how his sweat was more than a scent and perfume that was used by Umm Salamah(RAH) to mix in the perfumes of the younger ones, and so many more.

Is it this the same being that you they claim is the same like every other being? Indeed this question needs no answer. If we say in the sense of human specie, na'am he was because he was born by woman from the meeting of a man, he ate, married, etc.
I just can't mention everything in order not to make you all feel that you have missed. My day is indeed so wonderful and I hope to go have a very good night rest.
Naseehah from this slave, be with the righteous ones.
Was salaam

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