Saturday, March 28, 2009

Muraabit al Hajj's wife

An email just reached me informing me that the wife of the living Wali Murabut al Hajj is ill. She is a woman of taqwa and love. The last time I was at Murabit al Hajj's small village, I was overwhelmed by her ways. As old as she is, weak skin but strong heart, she would stay close to the tent of her old husband in the evening pouring fresh milk into bowls of different sizes milked from their cows for students.

Below is the email that I got.

As-salamu alaykum,
Maryam is very ill at the school. She went to Nouakchott but then returned to taganit and the doctors didnt have hope for trying to treat her. Whoever is able from amongst us alumni/vistors to call it would be really good. We all know that she is an integral part of the school and losing her is going to change a lot of things. Make dua for ease for her and her family and the students. Below is the Thuraya phone number and some sites for calling cards. A phone call is the least we can do to show our concern. If you cant, sending a text through the Thuraya website is free ( . Just plug in the following number. If you can, type the text msg in Arabic as there isnt anyone there who speaks english. If you dont have arabic keyboard, heres a site where you can type with it ( You can just cut and paste the message. Now, with all this, nobody has an excuse not to contact the Tulba during this time of hardship for them. Also, pass this message on to any other alumni that you notice arent in the email list. 88-216-333-05-270. (from the USA, you have to add 011)$32 phone card that will give you 27.5 minutes$70 phone card that gives you 55 minutes

ALLAH be with us all as we show concern to those who show great concern to students of knowledge and care so much for the ummah's affair.
Was salaam

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