Friday, April 10, 2009

Speaking to an Atheist.

Salla ALLAHU 'ala Sayyid al khalq.

This is not really an important topic but I felt there is need sometimes to share with people some beautiful experiences and encounters of life. It is said, "life is an adventure full of journeys and in these journeys, you come across so many things."

Speaking to an Atheist as the subject says above is an encounter I had some days back in school. For years, I have read books written by atheists, seen them on TV interviews, hear people speak about their experiences with them but my first time to see one in true life and have some words with him was indeed to me a great surprise, ALLAHU akbar.

I won't go into details on how I got to know he is an atheist or where I met him, what we discussed, etc but just to let us know and reflect on this ni'mah that ALLAH has blessed us with without struggle, efforts or choice which is Islaam. This person is someone I love to be with when I go to his class to take lessons if my teacher is not in school and I sometimes sit with him.

In my study days in Mauritania, some thing interesting happened. An encounter that leaves me laughing whenever I remember it. Speaking to the small boys in the village was sometimes a thing I love because you improve your language and get to learn some new things. It was from that movement one of them spoke about seeing a non-Muslim.

In a conversation, one of them said, " I saw a non-Muslim today with astonishment and big surprise on his face". When he was asked where, how and when, he couldn't reply straight ahead as he was left surprised and amazed. His response was, so many of them. Again he repeated, I saw them, sooooooo many.

The question went to him again, where did you see them and how? He said, they were very plenty, 20 of them. On the TV. Do not laugh at this as you read because you don't know how they feel. For me at that moment it was stupid thing to say because have many non-Muslims as friend and we have eaten in either my house or theirs but as reflecting and reading about this, I tried to understand how this little boy's feeling was and put myself in his shoes.

The question is, is it a ni'mah from ALLAH for one not to have around him non-Muslims that create fitna, etc or seeing them and make you reflect on ALLAH's blessing for making you a Muslim but still without you understanding or ponding on this beautiful gift and treasure that ALLAH has blessed you with?

Think and ask those who know about this you will indeed learn some thing new.

I leave you with this food for thought, " all we get is not by our power and might but by ALLAH's rahma upon us"

Was salaam

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