Wednesday, December 9, 2009

EID in Mauritania (Pictures)

Was Salaatu Was Salaamu 'alayh wa 'ala Aalih.
Eid celebration in the Mauritanian capital for me is worth experiencing but I never knew it is more beautiful for it to be celebrated in the village. AlhamduliLLAH, I had the opportunity to enjoy a bit of the desert way of celebrating eid this time around.

Young boys in their new dira'ah walking to the praying ground for Eid .
The villagers and students watching the Eid Ram being slaughtered.

Beautiful little girl celebrating Eid. Masha ALLAH, she looks cute. She was wondering what we were doing with unknown things in front of her.
Masha ALLAH, after this moment it was yum yummy. I joined in tearing apart the front limb together with my friends. This Ram was the Shaykh's slaughter.
People waiting for solah to start with students of knowledge in front.
The crowd following the Shaykh to the praying ground. He is just like a king in this small village.
My friends getting ready to celebrate. We were in front of the Shaykh's house.
Very rare picture of the Shaykh (Muhammad Faal aka Baa) of the Mahdhara of Nabbaghiyyah coming out of his house leading the awaiting crowd to the praying ground.
'Siddiq' he said. Let us get ready properly for the picture then he pulled his son closer. What a wonderful man he is! Sidi AbduLLAH Hurma wuld Tamma is his name.

These are few pictures taken by me in this small village: Nabbaghiyyah here in Mauritania where many students of knowledge are studying very hard.

WalhamduliLLAHI Rabbil 'aalamin.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you all for putting up with this Jadid: the best days of my life and I don't think twice about it! May Allah grant the students of Nabaghiyyah a great reward.