Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shama'il Muhammadiyyah Reading by Shaykh Muh'd al Ya'qubi

Wa salla ALLAHu 'ala Sayyid al Mursalin.
Sitting with Allaamah Sayyid Shaykh Muhammad al Ya'qubi is everything a student of knowledge should desire, dream and experience. Teaching the sunnah by someone who is himself an example of the Sunnah:The actions, demonstrations, words, looks, etc.
AlhamduliLLAH, I was given Ijaazah on the Shama'il Muhammadiyyah by this noble and erudite Shaykh and it happened that I got the second opportunity to get this ijaazah again in a different location. First was from the blessed city of Shaam and the other happened to be in HOMS (HimS).
Recently, I was called on phone by a student of the Shaykh informing me that Shaykhuna will be leaving for Homs to read the Shama'il Muhammadiyyah after solah al 'Eshaa. Without any delay, I spoke to my wonderful friend and brother sidi Waathiq who immediately confirmed his interest to attend the reading.

We got set to meet the rest of the brothers (old and young) at the masjid where the shaykh gives his friday sermon and teaches the book of Imam al Bayhaqi (Shu'b al eeman). We prayed Asr and waited for the cars to be set before our departure for the two hours thirty minutes drive. My friend and I stayed in Shaykhuna's car even if he didn't leave with us.
Hizb ul Bahr was read when the journey started, poetry was on air in the car while I was taking pictures. We arrrived Homs not long trying to locate the Khalid ibn Waleed's masjid (the same place where the noble Sahabah is buried). We got off the car while those waiting to receive us as the Shaykh's guest from Damascus were waiting. It didn't take us time to perform wudu and solah when we saw the shaykh surrounded by people leaving out of the masjid. I took some pictures, gave salaams to Khalid ibn Waleed and ibn AbduLLAH ibn Umar al Khattab (Radhi ALLAHU anhum), went round the masjid taking pictures. Masha ALLAH, that was my second time to visit the two maqaams.

We got out of the masjid without delays as dinner was waiting for us or we were waiting for dinner. Anyway, we took the lift and up we go to a well scented house where you could only see people immersed by the love of the Prophet (Salla ALLAHU alayhi was salaam). Their faces were full of anwaar illuminating in the room all sitting round the plates of delicious meals. I couldn't but start helping myself after the two voices asking me to sit.

While we were eating, some people were sitting around Shaykhuna benefitting from his ocean of ilm as he kept talking. I left my food with my glass of tea taking pictures of the beautiful gathering. I was indeed shown love been the only neutral person in the group (colour and race). The love increased after mentioning my name to one of those serving the meal when he shouted my name to the brothers.

Shortly after, the Shaykh and other brothers left in groups heading to the masjid where the reading of the Shama'il was taken place. We followed the convoy in the Shaykh's car full of his barakah. Arriving the masjid, solah started. People were making out for suitable places to sit before the reading could start. Masha ALLAH, my friend and I were called forward to sit opposite the Shaykh where special seats where made available for us. Walking from the last end of the masjid to the front was heart taking as all eyes where looking at us. I couldn't help myself but kept blinking my eyes a thousand times in a second and missing my steps with my bag hanging on my shoulder fallen of. Only if they knew who this sinful bro is, they would have thrown him out of the masjid. Duas were read, the solah and salaam followed with beautiful nasheeds to purify the night then Shaykhuna headed for his seat where his books were already set to be read. He started by reading the chain of the ijaazah again for the sake of those that missed the first day then telling them the importance of sanads, preservation of ilm, acting, etc. Reading started and the commentary giving people joy, excitement and succour in their hearts.
Shaykh would stress that peace and blessings should always be shouted when we hear the name of the best of mankind mentioned during the reading. After a very loud and one voice chanting, he said the pillars of the masjid felt the solawaat and so it continued. During the breaks, we had some tea, nasheeds and admonitions. The Shaykh was at his peak enjoying the reading and the students couldn't but submit themselves to increase their loves for the best of mankind. We read through the thursday night till friday morning when the khatm was held.

Not spending too much time, we gave salaams to those wanting to know who we are and where we came from. I couldn't imagine myself leaving those loving sights especially little brothers who have never seen such a sinful person from my race in reality. They came shaking hands and asking my name. My regret is, I didn't take pictures of them with me standing by their sides.

We took off that night leaving for Damascus with the Shaykh and others in front of us in another car while we were in his car. He would stop on the way and ask us if we were okay and feeling comfortable. We drove for about 70 minutes when the Shaykh asked us to park aside to have some food in a nearby restaurant. We sat around the table about 16 of us been served some Shaami delicacies while chatting went on. We continued our trip till arrived Damascus. I alighted from the car about 4:20 am making my way home. In indeed, Homs and the Shama'il Muhammadiyyah reading was an experience. I can't but leave the memory till this moment ringing in my head. I pray for such a gathering again in the nearest future.

May ALLAH guide us and give us the opportunity to benefit from the people of this noble path. My nasiha, all return to our root, " al ILM".
Wa alhamduliLLAHI Rabbi al 'aalamin.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Peace and blessings upon the best of mankind and those who follow his blessed path.
SubhanALLAH, ever since I left mauritania to Damascus few months back, I have been trying to post messages of some of my beautiful adventures in the beautiful desert land; meeting with Shaykh Murabit al Haaj, sitting under the tutelage of the great gnostic, Shaykh Muhammad Hassan al Khadim the Commentator of the Purification of the heart, spending time meeting some other wonderful people and most wonderful my time spent sitting with the venerable scholars of Nabbaghiyyah.

I took so many pictures, recorded so many lessons that I had in fiqh, Nahwu, etc and thought it would be nice to share it with dear brothers and sisters who have had no opportunity but only dream to visit this beautiful land where ilm is still preserved in its best form. Unfortunately, the same day I arrived Damascus, the brother who picked me from the airport parked by a masjid for us to preform the jumu'ah solah. After our solah, we came down to the car only to find out that the car was burgled and all that I had of mauritania was history. My laptop was taken and our phone was supported to the laptop.

My dream of wanting to post all of the Mauritania memories left me that day. Was I sad or happy? At that moment, I wasn't. I won't say what happened later. Apart from that, since I came back, I have not had the opportunity to open this blog since the authority here has put a hold to opening of blog links and Youtube. AlhamduliLLAH after following my dear friend Waathiq to this cafe I hardly come, I found out that I can read and post on this blog without stress.

This luck only came to me because of this blessing of this month. Indeed as we know, this is the month that the light of ALLAH shone upon us and still remains a shining light in our hearts. It is this month that the best of mankind was born, the true path of guidance was given to us with ease, etc.

Indeed, this is a month that we should all engage in sending solah and salaam on him, read the Qur'an, give charity even a smile could be one, fast, read the burdahs.

Insha ALLAH, I will in my subsequent posts mention to you my meeting with the great WALI of ALLAH: Murabit al Haaj, the meeting of my venerable teach Shaykh Muhammad Faal with Sayyid Shaykh Muhammad al Ya'qubi when he came to Damascus for a visit to some sites and also get some books for his wonderful big desert library.

Remind me in your duas and I pray that ALLAH gives us victory over those who plan evil against the UMMAH.

Like I will say, we need to return back to the root " Seek ilm". Ignorance and arrogance are not excuses on the day of Qiyaamah.

Was salaamu alaykum.

Shahr al mubarak.