Friday, March 20, 2009

Ijaazah musalsal during the Shama'il Muhammadiyyah reading in Homs

Wa salla ALLAHU 'ala khayri Khalq, wa aalihi wa ashaabihi ajma'een.

Recently, I posted a short writeup and pictures on the interesting experience I had when I traveled to Homs to attend the reading of the Shamaa'il Muhammadiyyah by Maulana Shaykhuna Muhammad al Ya'qubi. I got a comment from an anonymous brother resquesting me to upload any available video from the gathering.

I have decided to upload the reading of the silsilah of hadith al Awwaliyyah that was giving to Shaykhuna Al Ya'qubi by the then Shaykh of Homs, the Faqih, Qaari and Shaykh of Tasawwuf: Allaamah Shaykh Abdul 'Aziz 'Uyuun al Suud. The late Shaykh was a friend of the father of Shaykhuna, Allaamah Sayyid, al Qutb, Shaykh Ibrahim al Ya'qubi (RA). He authorized Shaykh Muhammad on the famous hadith al Awwaliyyah and also on Qira'ah. Shaykhuna decided to read and authorize the attendees with that chain of narration in respect and love for the late Shaykh since he was in his home land.

Filming and pictures were not allowed but I stubbornly recorded and took some pictures just to keep memories. I couldn't film a long video since the camera was on my thigh and I was almost opposite the Shaykh. Insha ALLAH, more will be included.

Do not forget, return to the ways of the salaf is indeed our guidance and where is that? Ofcourse going "back to the root".

Was salaam.