Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shaykh Akhtar: The grandson of Shaykh Ahmad Raza Khan

Being a lover of what people call the BARELWI school or I say been a lover of the scholarship of our great Imaam and Shaykh: Ahmad Raza Khan, I have taken time to study and read some of his works in addition to having wonderful friends from this school. I once in a while joke with my too good and dearest friend that he has BARELWISED me.

In past discussions, I have had the privilege to be told about his grand son Shaykh Akhtar who is indeed a living Wali of our time, an 'Aalim of the Islamic sciences and a Shaykh of another brother. I even went ahead to collect his address in India if there is need to visit him in future.

AlhamduliLLAH, I didn't need to travel the distance to see this man who is himself like what I have read about his grand father Shaykh Ahmad Raza. While I was in my friend's house, I got a call from one of the Pakistani brothers whose father is a Mufti informing me of the arrival of the Shaykh to Damascus (2nd May, 2009). Not wasting much time, I informed my dear friend Waathiq, got home, got my Shawaal Khaamis on (arabic: Sirwaal and Qamees) given to me by my house mate just to blend with the crew visiting the Shaykh. Even if I can't speak URDU, I can say teeke or apka marzi.

No need to mention how the whole trip went. in summary, it was indeed a moment of RUHANIYYAH for me. Meeting a living WALI, his face illuminating, full of Nur, sharing with us some words of naseeha and making duas for us. I couldn't help but hold the Shaykh's hand several times. When my friend introduced me to him in URDU mentionining my name and saying he loves RIZVIS, he said MASHA ALLAH. Do not ask me how I understood what he told him.

AlhamduliLLAH, we ended up praying solah al 'ishaa with the Shaykh who led the prayer. Masha ALLAH, what a good recitation!

As his Muqaddam said to me when we entered the house where the Shaykh received us, " you didn't travel to India but the Shaykh has come to visit you". Ya Salaam.

Wa alhamduliLLAHI RABB al 'aalamin.