Thursday, November 19, 2009

Muslims' Use of Anti-Muslim/Islaam Labels.

Allahumma salli wa sallim 'alayh.

Since the war on "terrorism" as they call it started years ago, some many words have been used to describe Muslims and different Islaamic groups. Some tend to sound appropriate but others are nothing to write about. Several years ago, people like Nelson Mandela was called a Terrorist but today he is now looked upon as an elder spokesman in his country and a world hero and human killers like Bush, Sharon and their allies are seen as Patriots, peacemakers, defenders of their countries and all the good titles.

Since I am not a fan of using all the so-called labelslike fundamentalist, Islamism, Militants, etc to address Muslims and groups, I have been on a very critical watch on how these words are inappropriately used. I was caught by surprise when the somali presidential election was held and the winner turned up to be Shaykh Sharif Ahmad who according to the west was considered as an Islamist, an extremist to the core. To make it clear before any depiction, I am not a supporter or fan of the president by all forms of ramification as I know " absolutely nothing" about him.

In the BBC report, it was said that the Moderate Islamist won the election. The area of focus now is the use of these two words " Moderate Islamist". To these people, they define the word Islamist as an extremist by all standards. Then bringing these two words together is like saying a man is standing but sitting or something is black but at the same time white or like a Shaykh once asked" is it possible for a woman who had a sexual relation with her husband to still remain a virgin?". As I learnt in my Logic (Mantiq) lessons with Shaykh Hasan Heeto, this kind of concept is impossible so there is a big conflict between them.

My question is, is there moderacy in extremism? Can these two go together as used? Because if one is not on one end, then he is on the other. I have tried to get a reasonable answer explaining this new label used by the BBC always to address this president but I still can't find an answer.

I just thought I may get contributions after reading another news from the BBC website and find this same worrying label and decided to put together these few lines.

And ALLAH alone knows best and upon HIM is our reliance and source of GUIDANCE.

Wa sallaa ALLAHU 'ala al Habeeb wa aalihi wa man qaama bi da'awatihi ilaa yaum ad deen.