Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who Interpretes your Dreams?

BismiLLAH wa As Salaatu Was Salaamu `alayh wa ala aalih

Beautiful experiences are always nice to be shared especially when it has to do with the deen. Before my first coming to Mauritania, I was contemplating on which village to go for my intended stay. AlhmaduliLLAH, I was informed by my brother and friend AbdulMalik that there is a beautiful mahdhara in nabbaghiyyah full of treasures. By the time he informed me, he had left the village of Murabit al hajj to begin studies in this new place.

I left Syria for Nabbaghiyyah and I never regretted about the decision I made. My friend AbdulMalik got a beautiful accomodation in the village where we were all living together with another friend of his Ibrahim.

It was one of the usual free moments where we discuss about so many things that has to do with deen, dunya and experiences. AlhamduliLLAH, Abdulmalik is someone who finds trust and confidence in me so he tells me about many of his experiences and plans which we share together.

The discussion we were having led to how dreams could be interpreted correctly and wrongly and who are those qualified and reliable to interprete dreams. He mentioned to me about a dream he had when he was studying in the mahdhara of Shaykh Murabit al Hajj where he saw his younger sister in the dream and if I can recall correctly, he said to me that he wasn`t happy with the scenerio he saw his sister in. He decided to go meet the most senior Shaykh of the Mahdhara: Shaykh Hadd Amin, an old man of over 70 years old then he narrated to him what he saw in the dream.

In the Shaykh`s interpretation of the dream, he told my friend that his younger sister was going to become Muslim. masha ALLAH, this is indeed a beautiful way to interprete dreams. Ever since he interpreted the dream, approximately three years have passed and we are still making duas. It may be of interest to some of the readers of this blog to know that sidi Abdul Malik is a revert and he wishes for other non Muslims especially his family to join this beautiful path he has decided to take in order to arrive the domain of the ALMIGHTY. AlhamduliLLAH, his father accepted this path before him and will remain firm on it to the end time.

It is a sunnah to share dreams with people like the companions may ALLAH be pleased with them used to narrate their dreams to the best of mankind peace and blessing be upon him. But does this mean that we should narrate our dreams to every tom dick and harry we come across, the answer is NO.

We should take note that whenever we see dreams, whether good or bad, we should always pray over it and only relate them to trusted and knowledgeable people. In the absence of these kind of people, we should conceal them and make duas especially when the dream is of a bad kind.
About three weeks ago while I was feeling tired and bored due to my long absence from my family and the loads of difficulties in reading, memorizing and studying, I was walking my way home after the maghrib solah, the same home I lived with Abdul Malik during my first coming.

When I got home, I met my room mates in the small prison like room we have turned to a store. Sidi AbdurRahmaan was standing at the entrance with a very big smile extending to the end of his jaws almost exposing his molars. They have noticed my weak state since the last few weeks and tend not to joke with me so much in order not to busy my thoughts. I was wondering why he was smile and he was gazing at me. Well, maybe he has decided to take me out of the boring shell I have been living in all these days.

And that was it with him announcing, '' eeehhh Abubakr, eeeeh Abdul Malik`s younger sister has accepted Islaam'' MashaALLAH, Allahu akbar. That was the bomb for me. I said in a very high pitch ALLAHU AKBAR and went straight for a prostration of gratitude(sajdat ul shukr). Then I asked them about every thing; how it happened, when, who informed them, etc. I couldn't control my joy as I felt my eyes full of tears. Indeed the tears of joy.

AbdurRahmaan is a friend of sidi Abdul Malik, he is also a revert and once lived together in france. So once in a while sidi AbdulMalik calls him and they discuss for a long time on phone. It was during one of these calls that he informed him of this beautiful news. Well, sidi Abdul Malik didn't call me to inform me of this news that I have been making for duas for. Maybe he doesn't love me. Yes, I think so and he must answer to this because I know he reads my posts.

Well, I was told how his sister first pronounced the shahaadah by herself and repeated it in the presence of others. Yes, she has been searching for a true deen, a path of true spirituality, a path that leads to the celestial realm and finally ALLAH has blessed her with Islaam. Allah says in surah al an'aam that '' whoever ALLAH wishes to guide, He opens his heart to Islaam''

AlhamduliLLAH, our new sister in Islaam whose name before Islaam is Laurel fondly called Lolo by Abdul Malik has choosen a new arabic name NUR (light). What a beautiful name! A surah in the Qur'aan is called surah al Nur and in the same surah ALLAH mentioned the word NUR. ''Nurun 'alaa Nur....light upon light......'' And He says '' ALLAH guides whomever HE wishes to divine light.....................'' We pray that ALLAH makes our sister a Light in the hearts of all and uses her as an example to people as He mentions in the Qur'aan.

Sidi AbdulMalik later called and I got to speak to him reprimanding him on why he failed to inform me of the beautiful news but he trickly gave me flimsy excuses and spoke about the news. I mentioned to him if he still remembers the dream he had that was interpreted by Shaykh Hadd Amin that he sister was going to become Muslim and he answered in the affirmative. He told me he wishes he could speak to the Shaykh about this.

When I announced this to my teachers in the village, they got very happy and excited. I was about having my fiqh lesson when I informed my fiqh teacher Shaykh Mukhtaar of the good news. He got up from his sitting position and asked for the number of sidi AbdulMalik which I gave him and he immediately dialed it. The number was ringing but no reception. He got very energized and gave me a beautiful lesson beyond his usual beautiful ways.

This is a good news and a lesson for us all to share. I ask you, who interpretes your dreams, what do you do when you see a bad or good dream. Learn more about dreams in Islaam and maybe read little from the book of Imaam Ibn Sireen, Shaykh Abdul Ghaniy Al Nablusi on dreams interpretation.

Your duas for us all.


bilal said...

Mashallah beautiful story Sidi, we miss you and Inshallah would like to join you very soon in Mauritania Allah willing.

Abdelmalik said...

Mach'Allah sidi!! "JAMAIS DEUX SANS TROIS".
You know I love you so much heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
And may it be said, when I call Abdoo for example, I mean to call all of you; plus sometime yours doesn't work or you don't pick up.
Your writing is becoming smoother and smoother machAllah, carry on!
And Allah gives you strenght for studies. "man jadda wajad". Remeber that sidi...
Fi amaniLlah

Fahim said...

Assalamu alaikum wRwB habibi AbdelMalik,

I, too, have good reason to complain about your lack of communication with the ones who love you purely for Allah, and His Prophet SAW!

You never told me about your marriage, never invited me to the walima etc??

In any case, we still love you dearly!

Pass my best wishes and salams to all esp. your father