Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sufi Adherent loved by the Wahhabis...

BismiLLAH was salaatu was salaamu ‘alaa ashrafil anbiyaa was mursaleen.

It has been a very busy week for me with so many things happening recently. Despite the sadness and pains I feel everyday, I take solace that by ALLAH things will be fine in the nearest future.

In the last two weeks, so many things happened but I can’t mention but few. One that still remains and keeps ringing in my mind is the recent crisis that befell a very good family friend and neighbor of ours.

This crisis makes me remember the ayah of the Qur’aan that says ‘’everything will be destroyed except HIS ennoble face’’I don’t want to talk about the part of the ayah that comes after the exception because of the differences in interpreting some unclear verses in the Qur’aan. According to the school of the salaf as saalihin, we let them be the way they are but in a case where there is need for an interpretation, our venerable Shaykh: Muhammad al Ya’qubi said that such must be figurative.

My major concern is on the first part before the area of exception which says that everything will be destroyed. Yes, in this dunya, some things will surely be destroyed over and over again then later comes the final destruction which will be in a whole and complete way. This includes the angel of death who comes to take the lives of people. So we can bear witness to how so many things are destroyed day in-day out but we are yet to witness the final destruction that we will be involved in, ALLAHU akbar.

Some days back while we were asleep, I was able to witness one of these destructions that we see before our own destruction. We heard loud cries from a lady, running to our next door neighbor and some people following and pulling her down. As I got up from my sleeping point to go to the door, my dad was already up with a guest we have in our house about opening the door. When we got out, it was the daughter of our next door neighbor crying and been consoled by some men around her. She also lives less than 100 meters away from our house with her husband. What was happening? Her house gut fire and it was burning down.

I quickly dashed to the scene to see what was happening and behold, the house was really in destruction, burning down. Some boys around were trying to put off the fire, throwing buckets of water at the house. They were being scared to enter and do the main thing but were also expecting the fire fighters to come to our aid. This incidence was happening as late as 1:30AM when everyone was fast asleep.

I went to my house with a Ferrari speed to also get my bucket filled with water since they were getting short of water and see me arriving back to the unbelievable scenario, throwing my water at the fire but a difference wasn’t made. And so it continued. Before realizing, the fire started transferring to the next house, the house of a very good family friend where I come once in a while to sit and discuss with people. We were looking at how this was happening with our useless efforts not making any difference. No one entered the house except for a small boy whose stubbornness paid later in the day. He broke in, got about two boxes of his aunty from the room the fire has reached and got out with them. He repeated the same thing until he got two televisions out.

And when the fire fighters came, it was as if their efforts in putting off the fire made things worse and it was our presence that the second house completely burnt down and nothing was done. ALLAH, two complete houses with materials worth so much gut fire, burnt down and nothing was taken out of them. We only saw smoke decorating the beautiful cumulus cloud about to rain. That was how these houses burnt down, the little children in these two houses lost everything they had, books, clothes, jewelries, electronics and other valuables got DESTROYED. This is the kind of first destruction we see before the true destruction that will consume us later.

From some of the things that happened during the week were the lectures I delivered in about three gatherings. All the gatherings were on the theme of celebrating knowledge and Qur’aan. I’ll say delivering lectures is what I am trying to acquaint myself with. Usually, my lectures take a maximum of thirty minutes and I get exhausted with my points and that brings my presentation to an end. But in these previous cases, I was able to deliver very long lectures without having prior highlights of what I will mention in the lectures. It all works like a magic, I start with pressure and anxiety and as it goes, it begins to become smooth and smoother and like the sailor sails in his ship with a beautiful parallel wave not disturbing him till he arrives his destination so was my state.

The last of the three I delivered was yesterday. I was invited by Wahhabi brothers to take the place of a wahhabi Imaam who was not going to meet up with the appointment as agreed with the brothers. They got pained and had no option but it was suggested to them by another brother that insha ALLAH I will be able to replace the place of the failed imam. The person who suggested this is a close friend who was like an Ustaadh to me but automatically became a student of mine since my arrival.

He loves me so much and believes in my ways. He thinks I subscribe to their school of thought in creed and other areas of differences they have with those who follow the sufi schools. This is the kind of thing I get worried about in recent days. Many of the wahhabi brothers tend to show me more love and draw closer to me than even my brothers we share the same opinions with as adherents of the Sufi way. I do not know why these people think I am like them and whenever some of them speak to me, they condemn the sufi ways, slander them and insult them without ever thinking if I support their ways.

After my lecture yesterday, the Chairman of the occasion requested that I be brought to his house to chat with me. He praised me and told me how he enjoyed my lecture. I used to know him as a no-too-bad wahhabi in his presentation or maybe because I have not had time to share views with him. I was taken to his house and he started by introducing himself and wanting to know me. Funny enough, he knows my family members, I mean from my brother to sister to my grandfather but has never heard of me.

Then he asked me about someone who is an uncle of mine if I know him: the younger brother of my father. After confirming that to him, he got so surprised and shook his head in dismay and said ‘’the only problem with him is his aqidah’’. I already knew where he was pointing at. My uncle is a staunch follower of one of the sufi tariqahs and engages in so many of their activities. Even if I may not agree with him in some cases, I still prefer him as an adherent of the sufi school than to a wahhabi.

So unfortunate or fortunate I would say on how the wahhabis love me more than my so called sufi brothers. My sufi brothers describe me as a wahhabi if I am forced to tell them how they err in some of their acts. I am not a Shaykh or in the position to tell what is wrong and right in the sufi school but to the level of what I have learnt, you see our brothers and sisters doing things that go against the shari’ah all in the name of tasawwuf and when you tell them that what they are doing is wrong, they join you with the wahhabis.

I wonder, when will I be accepted amongst the people whom I belong to? Surely, even if the wahhabis love  and believe more in me, there will ever be differences between us. As for me, I don’t really care about these things people busy themselves with. We must all come together to promote this deen, do what is right and leave what is wrong. If I am able to teach and also benefit from the wahhabis let it be so but that doesn’t pull me out of my being an adherent of the sufi ways. I will also continue to work with my sufi brothers until they learn to accept the facts.

Insha ALLAH in few days we enter the month of ramadhan, more activities will keep us busy. I have already been booked like a ticket for lectures but I intend on my own to start teaching the shamaail in my local masjid till Iftaar time and we all have iftaar together in my small local mosque.

Remember me all in your duas.
Was salaamu ‘alaykum warahmaULLAH wa barakaatuHU.


Haruni said...

Salam brother,

Keep this work going because you can unite Muslims I feel. These Wahhabi brothers love and respect you because of your knowledge, as where your Sufi brothers love you but don't see their ignorance despite your knowledge. Let's hope for the best outcome for all our brothers, whether Wahhabi's or Sufi's, we are one body. May He grant us knowledge and unite our hearts.


From a concerned brother from the Netherlands

Ceebs said...

Assalaamualaykum Sidi,
Ramadan Mubarak!!
Great post as usual. InshAllah my advice would be to be patient and avoid confrontation.
The Wahhabis are respecting you because Allah (swt) has created respect for you in their hearts. It is up to Allah(swt) to make someone respectable or not. If the "Sufi brothers" are not showing the same respect then there must be some hikma in that from Allah (swt). Also one must remember that sometimes truth is not what it appears to be. What I have learnt from one of my Shaykh (Hanafi school) is to keep our tongue pure from slander ..
May Allah (swt) guide us all and grant us taqwa!