Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Asking Deeni Issues.

BismiLLAH wal HamduliLLAH.

Was salaatu was salaamu ‘alaa an Nabiyyi al Mustaphaa.

Masha ALLAH, after years of being away seeking knowledge, ALLAH has blessed me to be with my family this year to enjoy this beautiful month and insha ALLAH celebrate the EID with lovely people again.

Ramadhan has made me very busy and it feels as if my original intention of coming back home to have a break has been defeated. Everyday, it is one thing or the other and this makes it impossible for me to do things I have planned to do before my coming. I hardly have time for myself and can’t even revise things I have studied in the past.

Just like one of the usual things I do here, I ask questions of people who come to me. Those who are uncomfortable asking, the bold ones, the sincere ones and those who want to mock me with their questions. I try as much as much possible to defeat the shaytanic whispers before answering the questions and bring forward humility and sincerity as my watch words.

But some times people ask question they are not supposed to ask or maybe they should have answers to without asking. This is my reason for having this post today. Recently I was with a brother who usually comes to sit with me and ask questions. What a nice brother he is!

His question was, if it is permissible for a Muslim to have coitus with his wife when fasting. I wasn’t expecting someone older than me in Islam to ask such a question. Because this is something you hear Imaams and ordinary Muslims mentioning during the month of ramadhan.

Well, not showing him my surprise, I decided to answer the question. He went further to ask me why my answer was the way it was. I decided to explain to him the essence of fasting, its importance, etc. he tried to put up a small disagreement but I came up with logic to answer everything.

He said he heard that it is “completely” wrong for a man to have coitus with his wife in the whole month of Ramadhan…This I didn’t blame him for not knowing because it is a misconception many Muslims have based on their own logic of if it is not permissible during the day, then it must be so after sunset. I explained that as well.

The surprising one is, is it permissible for a man to have coitus with his girlfriend while he is fasting…this is so shocking because the answer to his previous two questions should have solved the whole confusion but it got worse.

Then I decided to ask him, when is it permissible for a man to have coitus with his girlfriend…Then he remained shut and wanted to go further before I stopped him.

Is it wrong for me to get worried when people ask me such questions? It baffles me if our communities don’t know the very basic things they should know about Islam. The same brother again asked me if ALLAH and His messengers are living together in the same place. This is a Muslim beyond 25 years of age asking such questions. I only told him that he needs a few lessons on aqeedah.

May ALLAH azza wa jall continue to guide us and shower upon us His mercies. May we be among those who will benefit from the last phase of Ramadhan.

Was salaamu alaykum warahmatULLAHI.