Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to Mauritania (Nouakchinton)

Masha ALLAH, it feels great to be back in the desert capital of of Mauritania, Nouakchott (Nouakchinton). Things look the way they were and I found it so easy to fix into the system again. Not too bad weather, no new development, the dirty and untidy streets where people without shame stop at any corners to urinate not minding the people around. I am yet to go to the village but my Shuyukh have spoken to me and are really waiting for my arrival. The first question I was asked by them when I called to inform them that I arrived safely was, did you come with your wife? Masha ALLAH, I said don't worry, you will all know when I get to the village.

AlhamduliLLAH, my friend Yusuf a Yale University PhD student came to pick me up at the hotel after waiting for me for few days since his arrival. Masha ALLAH I was able to convince him to leave his programme for a year in order to drink from the ocean of ilm of the Mauritanian Shuyukkh. I arrived some days back after a long trip from my country to Senegal where I spent an unexpected and unplanned two days in a hotel I regret lodging before coming to Mauritania.

I love to speak about senegal but in different voice people usually speak about it. Whenever you mention senegal, the first thing that comes to the mind of the listener is about their strong affiliation to the Mureediyyah and tijaaniyyah tariqah. People like Shaykh Umar Futi Tall, Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba, Shaykh Ibrahim Niass and others come to the mind because these were righteous people who gave their everything for Islaam to suurvive in senegal.

One of my saddest moment in the hotel I was in Senegal was a day I was skype chatting with my wonderful friend Khalil (from Syria) and a man came into the reception to book for a room for just few hours. He is known to them as I could understand. He was like feeling weird when he saw me with just a small shirt, not looking like a taalib al ilm or Shaykh, speaking arabic unlike for him, wearing a long gown, his topi on, and a beautiful big sibhah.

What was he there for? ALLAH, too bad a purpose. Few minutes, the dirty young young prostitute girl came to join him and they finished what they bargained for and left the hotel. Don't ask me how I knew what they did or who the girl was....I did my findings later and even before that, it was clear to interprete everything.

When he was leaving the hotel with the girl, they had to follow different routes. I still watched him hold his sibhah like a big Shaykh, pulling and counting it, giving back the room key to the receptionist and leaving in shame as I was forced to look at him disgusting. His family would have been there thinking he went out for something good unfortunately, he was there going against ALLAH's orders.

I want angry and wanted to go meet hhim and maybe, talk sense into him but I can't speak his mother tongue Wolof or have the required knowledge of french to reprimand his stupid act. I was warnned not to take such girl into my room incase I want one, ya ALLAH, do I look like such men???.

So unfortunate, senegalese ladies that were usually known to be people of salaah, dhikr and good akhlaaq are now write-offs. Nothing good to see in many their ladies on the streets of dakar. I have been there before this transit and it has gotten worse since my last visit.

The other unforgettable scenario that I captured in senegal was very sad. The morning of the day I left, after using the internet at the reception, I went up to my room and a thought just flashed my mind to open the door and watch things through the balcony and I did. Behold, I saw so many people crowded, looking at a particular direction and when I looked there, ALLAH ALLAH, I saw a man standing on top of a pick up car stack naked, yes stack naked.

obviously you don't need me to tell you such a man is name...speaking in the senegalese language that I don't understand, showing to them a small bag made of leather, turning around, aggressive...The owner of the car I presumed came there asking him to climb down but he refused. Yes, the true mushkilah (problem) started. Since he refused, people came close to bring him down but he had in his hand a small rod that he was flinging from side to side incase anyone dares come close.

So he continued until people came with sticks, wips annd were using them on him but he resisted the pains. And finally, they got him down and held him but when they saw policemen in their van coming, they let him free. The policemen got off and walk down to the scene to ascertain what was happening and to our surprise, the man sprang up and ran straight to the police van flying into the van via the driver's window, 'ajeeb. And before they could rush to him to pull him out, he started moving the van but one of the policemen was so quick that he ran to him and pulled him out. He pulled him on the tarred road and I could see some bruises on his body. He was indeed the Mel Gibson in that scene that looked like a true cinema film.

So many other things happened there but finally, I left Senegal for I stayed at the senegal Airport for about hours since I left the hotel room very early. We took off and arrived NKC safely. The flight was my worst one I would say. It got to a level, it was shaking and shaking, people were just discussing not minding what was happening, I was observing my dhikr hoping we don't crash in the big Atlantic ocean. Who would save us that night? I thought of my parents, my siblings and friends.

See me now in Mauritania, not too happy being here but still happy. It is a contradiction but I understand its balance. My parents were crying night before my departure and the day of my departure. It caused me cold and weakness, my sisters were not smiling either. How long will I be away this time? What would I have said except to make them happy and calm them down. Insha ALLAH I won't be staying up to four years before returning back him this time around but I need to study.

Thanks to all the people that have been very supportive in my studies, first of all my parents, brothers and sisters for their understanding, duas, etc then to my very good brother and sisters sidi Irfaan, Fadhilah and Asmaa. My appreciation and gratitude to my Shuyukh; Shaykh Muhammad al Yaqubi, Shaykh Mukhtaar, Shaykh Baa, and many more to mention. My love to my friends who have supported me in one way or thhe other like sidi Waathiq, Qaasim Khan, Usmaan Ali, Aftaab, Waseem, Muhammad Omari, Sidi Abul Wafaa, those whose names are not mentioned know that you are all in my mind, those who ask me long and tiring questions on studying abroad especially in mauritania without finally making any effort to come down, those who advise me via this blog and other well wishers. I say JazaakumALLAH annaa Kulla al khair.

I leave to the village today, always remember me in your duas for my heart is weak, I need to be strong in my studies, do it sincerely for ALLAH and his Ummah....

was salla ALLAHU 'alaa Habeebinaa wa sallam tasleeman.