Sunday, December 18, 2011


BismiLLAHI maa Shaa ALLAH, no goodness except from ALLAH.
BismiLLAHI maa Shaa ALLAH, no reliance except upon ALLAH.
BismiLLAHI maa Shaa ALLAH, no guidance except by ALLAH.
Was salaatu was salaamu ‘alaa RasuliLLAH.

I thought my not posting on this blog for a long time now was a successful strategy of forgetting about it but that strategy failed when I remembered today that I need this blog so much because I want to reach you. Let me just entertain you a bit with my ever uneventful adventure in this path that I have been travelling through over the years.

Finally, I have left Mauritania: A dream come true. Will I be back again? Yes but only to visit my teachers. As for studying, I doubt if I will sacrifice months again in Mauritania to study texts: so many reasons for that.

It was very difficult for me to finally make that decision to leave Mauritania. I left the village two weeks before Ramadhan hoping to travel to Senegal to spend ramadhan and EID but all that didn’t work out as I was left contemplating if my leaving was the right thing to do. From Senegal, I was wondering where I would since I cancelled my plan to travel to Malaysia for further university studies as the conditions of admission were not what I expected. I thought of going back to sham but not with the present crisis, far from it my friend suggested India and some suggested Sudan and Egypt.

So confused I was, I decided to remain in Nouakchott, doing revision and relieving myself from the difficult days in Nabbaghiyyah. I studied a little with the opportunity that I had and did so many but little things. At the end, I finally decided to leave Mauritania but not with ease. My friend sidi Bilal who came down to Mauritania with his wonderful family suggested to me a beautiful idea that I will let you know in my subsequent posts insha ALLAH.

Few days before leaving Mauritania, I got yet another malaria. This year, malaria was a good companion in Mauritania. Not giving me a breathing space. I didn’t bother too much but took off for Senegal in my ill state. I travelled by land to Senegal. For those who have travelled through the Senegali-mauritanian border of Rosso know how crazy that place is. My first experience travelling through the border was in 2008 and it was hell for me. I was duped and refused entry to Mauritania after two long trips from Dakar to the border.

This time around, things were easier than I thought and I passed through without too much stress or problems from the rogues at the border. Maybe it was easier because I have become too stubborn and arrogant in this last few months but all the success still goes back to ALLAH’s favours on me. From the border, I travelled straight to Madinah kaolack, the popular city of the Tijanis of Senegal. It is a place where many people travel to particularly people from my country.

There I got a good reception from my friend who lodged me in the house of his grandfather, the present Khalifah of the tijaniyyah-Ibrahimiyyah branch of the tariqah. I had a good time there and celebrated EID. There was so much for me to eat and drink there and I forgot about my zuhd days in Nabbaghiyyah. Infact, I had a big bed to sleep on which was very odd for me after months of sleeping on mats and blankets. This reminded of my experience last year when I visited home. My mother would prepare the bed for me to sleep but I would resort to sleeping on the rug. She got angry and would say, what if you got married, would you be sleeping on the rug like that??? My sweet mum, she didn’t understand that I was passing through a big transition to city life after staying in the village for long. Well, she didn’t know I was living in a village without electricity and infrastructures because I hid everything away from them.

In Kaolack, I visited different maqaams, places and people, met my country people and even met small boys from my state who spoke with me my dialect. I realized that I have lost so much of my dialect to Arabic as most of what I tried saying was mixed with Arabic. That is one weakness in me that I need to work on for da’wah activities in the future.

I spent two weeks in Kaolack, it was generally fun except for my last two days.

I left Kaolack for Dakar, the capital of Senegal where I was going to meet my friend and teacher, Shaykh Mustafa. Shaykh Mustafa, was one out of the numerous advanced students in Nabbaghiyyah and above all, very unique. He was already a teacher in Senegal before coming to Mauritania to study. I will talk about him insha ALLAH in another post. It is in Shaykh Mustafa’s house I have been staying since my arrival in Senegal and it has been a very good stay. I learn from him every day and we talk about life in Mauritania. So many things happened in the village that I am yet to know and I spent three years there.

Staying with sidi Mustafa here, I recall some beautiful moments with friends and shuyukh in Mauritania but not living out the worst moments of my life there. I can sum it up that, seeking knowledge for me this year wasn’t too pleqsqnt. I faced so many challenges and trials. This year, I almost lost my life to hepatitis attack that we thought it was malaria. So many things happened...but above all, I saw the pains many students go through daily just to survive or seek knowledge. Mauritania like so many think is a place you come to see sahabis like Abu bakr, Umar, Fatimah, Aishah, etc (Radhiya ALLAHU anhum). You can only see the truth of Mauritania if you lived ‘in’ the people, in the villages, read their lives in its true nature and not what people just say. I won’t mention some of those things here but to sum everything up, Mauritania has goods just like there are bads in her.

I request from you all to make duas for me and my family. You can reciprocate my love for you by remembering us in your duas. What are you waiting for? Start making duas now. Send solawaat on the Prophet (alayhis salaam), do any possible good for me my dear brethren.

May ALLAH be our Guide and Protector and may HE forgive us our sins and shower upon us His mercies, amin.
Was salaamu ‘alaykum warahmatULLAH.

Friday, October 21, 2011

ISTIGHFAAR (Seeking Forgiveness)

Was Salaatu Was Salaamu 'alaa RasuliLLAH.
I post this to share with you that which I heard from the khutbah of the masjid I prayed Jumu'ah today. The Imam has been sharing with us words that make us feel happy and hearts tranquiled. He continued from his series of Khutbah on seeking forgiveness from ALLAH by saying AstaghfirULLAH.

He said, someone came to Hasan al Basri (RA) and complained to him that he needed wealth. The Imam told him to recite Istighfaar.
Another person came to the Imam and complained to him that he needed a child, the Imam told him to recite Istighfaar.
The third person came to him and complained to him of dryness in their land and that they needed rainfall. The Imam told him to recite Istighfaar.

Then the Imam was asked why he told the three people to recite Istighfaar rather than give them different alternatives.
The Imam then read to them some verses of the Qur'an from Surah al Nuh.
Saying, seek forgiveness of your Lord, (recite Istighfaar)
For God is most forgiving,
''and will send you plenty of rain
and furnish you
with property and children,
and provide you
with gardens and rivers.

Brothers and Sisters, that is our remedy. This is the Qur'an speaking and it is where we take our most reliable wird from. Istighfaar won't cost us any thing when we recite it while doing business transaction, laying down, sitting, walking, driving or even with friends. Rather, it will bring khair and barakah into our lives.

Try it for yourselves.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Was salaatu Was salaam `alaa RasuliLLAH.
I congratulate my fellow brethens in faith for being amongst those that Allah blessed by witnessing this new month; the month of mercy, the month of blessing, the month that in it is the night of destiny, the month the Qur`an was first revealed, the month duas are answered, the month the doors of paradise are widely open and that of hell close, the month Shaytan is chained, the month sinners draw closer to their LORD and the hypocrites become very sincere, the month many engage in long standings of taraweeh and qiyaam al layl.

This may be your last opportunity in this life so why not use it. Don`t be those who will start biting their fingers after this month. And as you keep observing thousands of dhikr, solawaat and qiyaam ul layl, please do not forget this sinful slave in your duas that ALLAH makes him sincere in his talab al ilm, in his wordly activities, that ALLAH purifies his heart and guide his family to the right path. Pray that ALLAH blesses him as well with a very righteous wife or wives and children. Include my best friends in your duas like sidi Irfan and his wife, Aftab, Usman and others.

I seal this with the beautiful sayings I hear the Arab Muslims say, Kullu `aam wa antum bi alfi khair.

Ramadhan mubaarak.

Was salaamu `alaykum

Friday, July 29, 2011



I was once complaining to my fiqh teacher Shaykh Mukhtaar HafidhahULLAH one day during a fiqh lesson from the Risalah of Ibn Abi Zayd al Qayrawani about some of the Shuyukh we have in my country and why it is necessary that I establish an institute in the future after studying enough with my Shuyukh. He said that when the institute is built, it will be named Ma'had Ar Risalah and asked me if I will take him as a teacher there. Indeed if ALLAH blesses me with such an opportunity, it will be a great pleasure to have such a scholar to run my institute.

This was how quick he named an institute we dream it to be a reality. But his way is almost the same with many other Mauritanians but in a wiser way.

In the city of Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, it is not difficult for you to find different restaurants, groceries and cybercafes with funny names. Many of these business centres are named after major events in world that have brought about public attentions.

For instance you will be in a taxi or walking on the street only to find a cybercafe or restaurant named Hamas Restaurant, Hizbullah restaurant,  Facebook cybercafe, Wikileaks cybercafe, ETC.

But I am yet to find  Allahu ma'anaa cybercafe or no peace for the wicked grocery.

This is the difference between the style of my Shaykh and these Mauritanian commoners. While my Shaykh named the dream institute by the name of the text I was studying, others name theirs by things - in my opinion - of no much importance.

Your duas for me that the dream of my Shaykh and I become a reality.

Was salaam

Saturday, July 16, 2011



Was Salaatuu was salaam ‘alaa khayri khalqi ALLAH.

I have not had the opportunity for some weeks to post anything on the blog except for last night when I remembered my friend telling me to update the blog with a new post. Indeed, I am beginning to feel unconcerned about this blog because I feel it is high time I put it out of existence. You may wonder why I want to do this...My reason is, I started this blog early 2008 when I was informed by one of my teachers, Shaykh Abdullah of their desire to raise fund in completing the mahdhara’s mosque that became a big burden on them after they were promised by a Qatari charitable organisation that they will build for them a mosque if they start the project on their own but never did. He urged me to start maybe a forum or something on the internet announcing to people of their need for assistance to complete the mahdhara’s mosque. I thought starting a blog with pictures of the mosque in its foundation level will be a good idea and that was how the whole journey started. The blog later turned to be an avenue where I post about experiences in Mauritania, later Syria then my travels to different places.

Now the mahdharah’s mosque has been completed since two months ago after serious struggles and assistances from people from different parts of the world. I now wonder, is there any need for me to continue with this blog since the reason that lead me to starting it has been accomplished? My friend suggested to me to continue but my heart is yet to give me its answer.

What a year for me! My sweet friend Yusuf whom I convinced to leave his PhD programme in Yale for a year to come to Mauritania left about two months ago after spending about 8 months here. Yusuf was my support, he was my companion, he was my house mate, he was the pillar I was leaning on when I was falling. I never realized the connection between us till he left. Now I miss him and feel so lonely. He prepared for me breakfast every morning, he washed the dishes for me while I do the cooking when it was my turn, he cooked food that tasted like Chinese shark fin soup, he gave us concoction he called tea and he challenged me that he will get married before me. Make duas for him and pray that ALLAH gives you a friend like him.

What a year for me! Indeed, this year has not been too excellent for me like my previous years seeking knowledge. Some of us can tell what it means to be a student of knowledge. The path of seeking this divine knowledge is beautiful and has a rewarding end if the ship sails through its heavy ocean wind and wave without problem. This path may also be very tough in a way I can’t describe. It is either you face difficulty in studying, memorizing your texts, feeling being single, having little or no money to take care of your needs, been humiliated by people who feel you are a no body because you seek knowledge, falling sick frequently, etc. The later is the case for me.
Recently, my very good friend sidi Waseem sent me an email saying in it, ‘’masha ALLAH, you must have become a Shaykh now’’. I didn’t say no or deny it like every humble student of knowledge would do rather I said to him, YES. But YES and what? I said yes I have become a Shaykh of diseases. You may ask, how could that be possible...I will tell you. Late last year, it was me and frequent fever, at the beginning of this year, malaria was giving me pains then later it developed to Typhoid. I went through that pain until I felt better again until recently when things almost turned upside-down. It almost became the end of me except that ALLAH didn’t will it to end that way. I had hepatitis.

I was in my house last month after a very brief travel to the city and returning the same day back to the village. It started like every usual illness like body weakness. That weakness developed to aches in the bones and there the whole crisis started. I couldn’t eat nor drink. Anything I ate or drank was vomited. I felt my intestines were coming out through my throat when vomiting. Then I realized that I couldn’t sit or even sleep on my back, solah was becoming impossible and communication was very difficult. This became worse that I couldn’t carry myself anymore and that led to the grand Shaykh of the mahdharah: Shaykh Baa coming to my house very late in the night after being informed by his son, my teacher Shaykh Abdullah of my state. My house was full with people of different sexes and ages. It was that night I was rushed to the city for urgent treatment which I was diagnosed of having hepatitis. Indeed I thought I was going to pass on to the next world. I thought of my poor mother, father and siblings. What if I died, would they have known? How would they have heard?

AlhamduliLLAH, I am recuperating from my illness and ask you for your duas.
Unfortunately for me, all the time I leave the village for the city for treatment, someone always burgles my house to steal from me anything he finds important. This last one when I was in the hospital made it the fourth time the thief burgled my house and took away my valuables. So bad, he took my digital camera with over 2000 pictures in it and mobile phone I left in the house before been taken to the hospital. He had no mercy on me even if he knew I was taken to the city for treatment.

Now is the bravest step that I will be taking. I am leaving Mauritania for another country. Yes, I am leaving Mauritania for Senegal in few days to spend my Ramadhan with a friend of mine, Shaykh Mustafa. AlhamduliLLAH, I have been able to study few texts and benefitted immensely from my venerable teachers in Mauritania. It has been a good time for me and I have tasted the true meaning of seeking knowledge. Make duas that ALLAH gives me guidance in accomplishing my goals sincerely for HIS sake.
And after Senegal, what happens? That is what I don’t know. Insha ALLAH I will wait for ALLAH’s wind of destiny to blow me to where there is HIS tawfeeq. Some are insisting that I should go back home to give myself break after continuous years of study but I think that may affect my plans and the goals I intend accomplishing. Just like the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine, so let me do it now or never.
Mauritania, goodbye, I will see you again in the nearest future. As you read this, pray that ALLAH guides me to the right place and person, pray for my good health, pray for my sincerity in seeking knowledge and remember other students of knowledge wherever they are.
Was salaam.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fiqh and Universal Law of Nature.

BismiLLAHI was Salaatu was Salaamu ‘alaa RasuliLLAH.
Experiences among students of knowledge differ from one place to another or one school to the other but while there are these different experiences, there are some peculiar things that occur in all centres of Islamic knowledge or knowledge circles amongst students of knowledge. This peculiarity is based on my experiences in different knowledge and student circles and what have been related to me by several students of knowledge who studied in places I have not been to. I may call this one of the sweetness in seeking knowledge as it sometimes keeps students of knowledge refreshed and relaxed and not feel nostalgic and lonely after months or years of being away from families and friends.

Students sometimes enjoy studying jurisprudence and they love it more when they start (what some of us here call) second chapter of fiqh: MARRIAGE. If you are reading this and have ever sat in study circles or been a student of knowledge at one point in your life, whether you are a brother or sister, you will agree with me that many spend their precious minutes discussing about when they will get hooked to their shining Shaykh or precious Shaykhah. Now you can see the big smile on your face because you know I am speaking the You can see a brother donning very long beards and a sister in her niqaab, all seekers of knowledge WALLAHI they all discuss about this...

Well, let me vindicate myself from the above mentioned as my interest in marriage is only based on the importance it plays in the life of Muslims and the rulings in the shari’ah as we see so many things happen today making people toil with this beautiful sunnah. This also leads us to discussing about the life of a woman as a wife, daughter, divorce, menstruation, etc.

Now my point, it was just like a moment like this that we started discussing about the rulings on menstruation, me being a student particularly concerned and have big interest in this topic. You can say what is my business with women’s issue but I tell you, there is more to it than what you think.

Then a student asked me, what will be the ruling if a man menstruates...Allahu akbar. I laughed when he asked but he went further to answer me when I asked him if he had seen or heard of a man menstruating which he answered in the affirmative. I asked where the blood was exiting from, he said from the back side, Ya Kareem.
Then I said to him, I also saw a man who gave He looked at me and laughed for almost a minute then asked, how possible is it and answered his question by himself that such is impossible. I said why is such impossible when it is possible that a man can menstruate? If a man can menstruate, meaning he has some ova in him and having these means there is tendency that if the ova is fertilized, it turns to an embryo which will then result to a baby as far as my old school biology knowledge is still concerned.

This brings me to look into the ways some of the jurists think...they give rulings on things that have never occurred but anticipates or thinks that there are possibilities for some of these things to happen. Many are there in the fiqh text I am presently studying and some people laugh over them. But I can remind some that when some of these scholars were including these things people see as strange and impossible to occur in their books, people questioned them over them but time has proven the occurrence of some of these issues and their ijtihad has really helped.
But I doubt if there is a scholar in any fiqh text that mentioned or will ever mention the possibility of a man menstruating. Reason, because this goes against the Sunnah al kawniyya (universal law of nature) as put by ALLAH the Most High. Thinking of its existence is like trying to figure out the possibility of a four side triangle.

I hope you don’t ask such a question and as for your brother and sister, do not discuss so much about marriage without importance.
I am always in need of your duas.
It’s your sincerely,
Al ‘abd al faqeer.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Message from Mauritania.

BismiLLAH was Salaatu was Salaamu 'alaa RasuliLLAH.
Below is a short message from one of our new revert brothers that I have decided to post here.
Hi my name is Ibrahim Abdu Salaam, I am a new convert to Islaam, I am English and 59 years young. I converted to Islaam at Mosque Al Forkan, Puerto Rosario, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, on 4th December 2010.
What led me to become a Muslim? Well that is open for debate, but I sincerely believe that Allah has guided me and is showing me the right path to Islam.
In my previous life, I led a typical western style life, Alcohol, sex and drugs not in great score but indulged none the less.

I was married twice, the first for 5 years with one son named David and the second time for 23 years with two daughters Rebecca and Sonia.
I then had a long relationship with a woman whom I Idolised but she treated me like dirt beneath her shoes. I eventually left her and had two years of severe depression.
I was an Orphan when I was born so I decided to try to find my birth mother. I travelled to Ireland and spent six months, fighting bureaucracy. I eventually tracked her down only to be disowned by her for the second time. This sent me crazy, I went and got very drunk and tried to kill myself.

Thankfully I did not succeed, previously I had two Strokes and this brought on a third so as I lay in a Dublin hospital being told I would have to take 4 tablets for the rest of my life and take things easy and that I should return to England to my consultant and they would contact him with the test results. So I contacted my daughter who lived near the hospital and asked if I could stay with her for a few days, I was told it was too inconvenient. So I took stock of my life and decided if I was to die then it would be somewhere warm. I looked at a newspaper and Lanzerote jumped out at me. So I came to Lanzerote after 6-7 weeks of walking Lanzerote and not finding a job, savings gone and no finances, I heard there was work in Fuertuventura the next island.

After a couple of days there I met a Muslim brother, although I did not know it at that time. He gave me a lift in his car, he had to take his cousin to a garage which was in the Hills, while they were talking I lit a cigarette and sat down on a rock and while looking at the view, I suddenly felt this calmness came slowly over me as if taking all my troubles away and for the first time in my life I felt peace. It was a beautiful experience tears well in my eyes. And to this day, three and half months ago I have not taken a tablet. My vitals are all normal. It was later that I learned he was a Muslim and I said I had an interest in reading the Quran and his mosque had an English translation that was how I became a Muslim.
I soon realised I would have to learn Arabic and as I could not speak Spanish either and none of my new Muslim brothers spoke English either, learning was practically impossible so it was decided I would have to travel farther afield and learned that a mosque Nour in Casablanca, Morocco took people like myself and accommodated and fed them for free. So my Muslim brothers put hands in their pockets and paid for my air tickets from Fuertaventura to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Nador. I got a train from Nador to Casablanca Mosque Nour only to find out they only took children and not adults.
Then began my journey, I went from Casablanca to Marrakesh,to Agadir, to Dakhla, now I was in the Western Sahara and still had not found a school to learn Islam and Arabic. I contacted my Imam in spain Imam Mochtar, Mesquitta al Forkan and asked him to suggest somewhere as he comes from Mauritania. He suggested Shaykh Bah’s Mahdhara where I am now, in the middle of the desert 150kms from Nouakchott and very hot.
But unfortunately although everyone has been hospitable and friendly, all the students are highly qualified. They know the Quran by heart and are all academics. It’s all way above me, I need basic training and from an English speaking tutor but I am trapped here as I do not have either savings or the finance to leave. That’s why I am asking for YOUR HELP by donating zakah or whatever you can so I maybe able to travel to somewhere outside Mauritania like Morocco, Egypt, etc and cater for myself while I get a sustaining job.

NOTE: In the sahih of Imam Muslim, it is narrated that ALLAH’s messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) said : ALLAH is at the aid of His servant as long as the servant is at the aid of his brother/sister.
I am calling upon your kind hearts to kindly give this new brother of ours your possible assistance in whatever capacity you can. He needs our support and any possible assistance counts so much. We have been here with him in the village and can vouch for his Islam, his love for people, struggle to get completely immersed into this deen and above all, his loves to see others happy.

His email is
Bank details for anyone interested in financial assistance.
Sort code: 83-22-10
Account no: 00658737
IBAN No: GB32RBOS83221000658737

May ALLAH’s love be with you all as you include us all in your duas.
Was salaam.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Maqaamat Part 1.

This is a follow up from the last post so if you have not read the last post then do so before reading this.

NOTE: This maqaamat will only make sense to those who know the story about the women with Sayyiduna Yusuf and the lady with Sayyidunaa Musa.

In one of the maqaamats read to us by a Moroccan brother which is more like a joke, it was about Farazdaq and Waleed ibn Safwaan. Farazdaq is said to be amongst the three best poets arabs ever produced. Himself, Jareer and Akhtaal were the three who outstood poets in the three divisions of poetry...Description, Romance, the third which I can’t recall now.

It is also said that Farazdaq wasn’t a handsome man, that his look wasn’t attractive...So this is how the maqaamat goes:
Farazdaq was walking on his own when he came across Waleed ibn Safwaan then the later said to former, no welcome to this face of yours. And that surprised Farazdaq so he asked why.....Waleed responded, because if the ladies who saw Sayyidunaa Yusuf (alayhis salaam) had seen your face, they wouldn’t have cut their hands.

This got Farazdaq so he said, no welcome to this face of yours as well. Waleed said why....Farazdaq responded, because if the lady who saw Sayyidunaa Musa (alayhis salaam) had seen you she wouldn’t ask her father to hire you.
Wa salla ALLAHU ‘alaa an Nabiyyil Kareem.
Was salaamu ‘alaykum.

Revival the Old Tradition in the Mahdharahs.

Was salaatu was salaam.
Not too long while we were waiting for a car going to Nouakchott, a driver stopped by coming from boutilimit, a very busy district not far from Nabbaghiyya, Muhammad al Amin, a wonderful Algerian advanced student and I jumped into the car after bargaining with the driver. Behind us was a young shabby but well donned beard Mauritanian, a woman and the driver in front and a young man by our side. Few minutes later was a loud hailalah (Laa ilaaha illa ALLAH) came from the man behind us in the usual Mauritanian dhikr tone like someone chanting some verses of poem. He continued the dhikr and no one complained of him disturbing or asked him to lower his pitch. This is not my first time of having such an experience with a Mauritanian chanting the hailalah loudly in a car. Then the driver stopped along the road to speak to a man in one of the shops along the road side. While we were waiting in the car, the young shabby man behind brought out his pharmaceutics (cigarette), lit it and then polluted the beautiful atmosphere of dhikr coming from him to a smoky one.
The drive down to Nouakchott wasn’t too nice as we almost collided twice with two cars coming opposite us. I usually don’t take cars from the place we waited this morning but destiny had it for us that way. This is because we didn’t get any of the cars immediately after the fajr prayer waiting outside the jumu’ah masjid. The cars available were full of students leaving the village for Nouakchott for the usual month of mawlid break. The driver we agreed to take us to the city didn’t turn up and he didn’t inform us that he wasn’t turning up.

Now we arrived Nouakchott with so many things to do...use the internet, eat good foods, enjoy a bit of halaal dunya, see the ugliest scenes on earth and buy necessary needs for the village. In the last two months, I have been to the city about three times which is not a good thing for me. Last month, I came with my friend and his mother who came visiting him from the United states.
Masha ALLAH, we say she is the first woman who came to visit her son in Nabbaghiyyah. It was a beautiful experience for her as she was given wonderful treats by the Nabbaghiyyian women, the shuyukh and other students who came giving her salaams. On the day she was leaving Nabbaghiyyah for the city where her flight was for the next day to Morocco, I volunteered to go with her and her son (my friend). We passed a night at the apart hotel and she took off very early the next day.

Arriving the apart hotel was an unbelievable sight. We were informed that our friend sidi Abdul Malik from france was there preparing to leave for Nabbaghiyyah the next day. It’s over two years since we last met although we have been keeping contact once in a while. Sidi Abdul Malik was the one whom I contacted before coming to Mauritania and suggested to me to join him during his early days in nabbaghiyyah. We both lived in the same room during our stay together before he travelled to France for a short break and I returned to Syria.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t come back to continue with his studies when his father took ill because he was the one to attend to him all the time. AlhamduliLLAH, after his return to France, he got married and now has a son by name Muhammad Amin al Khadeem. Also to this, he started a new Islamic organisation for new Muslims in France and under this platform was his younger sister’s reversion to Islam. Masha ALLAH, one door closed and another to opened. He has been using this time to teach new reverts the true Islam instead of falling into the hands of wahhabis as he cried of their increase and hegemony in France. Together with him was his friend sidi Abdul Kareem, also a revert from France who was loyal to the wahhabi school but now a subscriber to a tariqah.

Shortly after our arrival, we had wonderful fresh fish soup dinner prepared by sidi Abdul Malik and I had a very long discussion with him that extended to the next day before we went to sleep. The next day we returned to the village while Yusuf’s mum had taken off.

Two days later, I returned to the city for something very important but left for the village after a night. It was after my return to the village that I had a very bad malaria attack. Recently, I have been complaining of fever that kept resurfacing after every two weeks since my arrival from my country. This time around, I couldn’t escape it as it gave me no breathing space. I was completely down for four days in the house without lessons while the brothers especially sidi Yusuf and Habeeb kept serving me. The fourth day, I thought I was going to the next world when the angel of death gave me salaam. I refused to respond to his salaam because it wasn’t time to do that, alhamduliLLAH.

Masha ALLAH I am back on my feet again but it feels weird ever since my recuperation. I get hungry quickly, I can’t concentrate, I sometimes consume a lot but alhamduliLLAH I feel better than being ill.
Mentioning some of the events that took place in recent weeks; was the day Muhammad al Amin the Algerian finished a long awaited text in grammar by name ihmiraar ibn Bunaa: a text that took him almost four years to finish. This text is the uncle of the Alfiyyah of Ibn Malik. We had a beautiful gathering in our house and invited one of the Shuyukh (Shaykh Arafaat) who is his teacher. A long discussion went on before and after the delectable meal we had.

Moreso, Yusuf and Habeeb finished their text of Qatr an Nadaa on grammar. This text is the nephew of the alfiyyah of Ibn Malik. A text that has been making sidi Habeeb looks little less than a mad man. Yusuf and Habeeb arranged for a beautiful gathering in the house and Shaykh Mukhtar was invited. Shaykh Mukhtar delayed before coming and at that point, I couldn’t stop crying when my stomach was about tearing apart due to severe hunger. After the meal, Yusuf prepared tea for us all which he admitted looks like medicine. I will prefer dissolving twenty tablets of paracetamol in a glass of water and drinking it than drinking the so-called tea (concoction). We laughed over it when few people sipped it except for a brother who had two cups of it.

After the meal, we had a short discussion on the protests happening in different part of the Muslim world, the position in the shari’ah, their merits and demerits and other protests in different parts of the world like Europe and others.
Same day was the newly revived tradition of maqaamat in the mahdharah by Sidi Ali Ismaa’il of Yemen. For those who have studied maqaamat al Hariri will know what this means. Thanks to the Abbasid empire when much scholarship of Islamic literature was promoted. Maqaamat is about a platform created where people with different level of oratory, rhetoric and deep knowledge of Arabic literature would come out in front of people and chant verses of poems and prose and narrations from the heart with in depth creativity.

Such tradition used to be the order of the day in Mauritania but beginning to die off. This tradition has now been revived in the mahdharah where young and old students show their skills in prose and poetry, in eulogy of our Prophet (SAW) and scholars, jokes, etc. You see some students whom you think are like empty barrels fill your brains and ears with amazing verses.
AlhamduliLLAH, everyone is given equal opportunity to showcase what he has in stock, no discrimination, no rascism, no debasement....As I am too ignorant and have nothing to offer, I have been made the usual camera man for those offering us what they have.

In my next post, I will mention one out of the many maqaamaats which was read to us by a brother from Morocco in form of joke...
As I enjoy my little halaal dunya in Nouakchott (Nouakchinton), more eventful posts will come your way and always remember to include me in your duas especially now that I am yet to recover fully.

May ALLAH be with us all.
Was salaamu alaykum wa rahmatULLAH.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Out of Nabbaghiyyah

We went out for a walk and to enjoy the beautiful gift of nature from ALLAH.
Sun about to set with it in between the two minarets of the Jumu'ah mosque
Searching for internet network outside the village.
Sidi Hamid from Niger in the middle
Taking picture of beautiful marks on the dune made by small insects.

From below

Just a reflection