Sunday, July 31, 2011


Was salaatu Was salaam `alaa RasuliLLAH.
I congratulate my fellow brethens in faith for being amongst those that Allah blessed by witnessing this new month; the month of mercy, the month of blessing, the month that in it is the night of destiny, the month the Qur`an was first revealed, the month duas are answered, the month the doors of paradise are widely open and that of hell close, the month Shaytan is chained, the month sinners draw closer to their LORD and the hypocrites become very sincere, the month many engage in long standings of taraweeh and qiyaam al layl.

This may be your last opportunity in this life so why not use it. Don`t be those who will start biting their fingers after this month. And as you keep observing thousands of dhikr, solawaat and qiyaam ul layl, please do not forget this sinful slave in your duas that ALLAH makes him sincere in his talab al ilm, in his wordly activities, that ALLAH purifies his heart and guide his family to the right path. Pray that ALLAH blesses him as well with a very righteous wife or wives and children. Include my best friends in your duas like sidi Irfan and his wife, Aftab, Usman and others.

I seal this with the beautiful sayings I hear the Arab Muslims say, Kullu `aam wa antum bi alfi khair.

Ramadhan mubaarak.

Was salaamu `alaykum

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