Friday, April 29, 2011

Message from Mauritania.

BismiLLAH was Salaatu was Salaamu 'alaa RasuliLLAH.
Below is a short message from one of our new revert brothers that I have decided to post here.
Hi my name is Ibrahim Abdu Salaam, I am a new convert to Islaam, I am English and 59 years young. I converted to Islaam at Mosque Al Forkan, Puerto Rosario, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, on 4th December 2010.
What led me to become a Muslim? Well that is open for debate, but I sincerely believe that Allah has guided me and is showing me the right path to Islam.
In my previous life, I led a typical western style life, Alcohol, sex and drugs not in great score but indulged none the less.

I was married twice, the first for 5 years with one son named David and the second time for 23 years with two daughters Rebecca and Sonia.
I then had a long relationship with a woman whom I Idolised but she treated me like dirt beneath her shoes. I eventually left her and had two years of severe depression.
I was an Orphan when I was born so I decided to try to find my birth mother. I travelled to Ireland and spent six months, fighting bureaucracy. I eventually tracked her down only to be disowned by her for the second time. This sent me crazy, I went and got very drunk and tried to kill myself.

Thankfully I did not succeed, previously I had two Strokes and this brought on a third so as I lay in a Dublin hospital being told I would have to take 4 tablets for the rest of my life and take things easy and that I should return to England to my consultant and they would contact him with the test results. So I contacted my daughter who lived near the hospital and asked if I could stay with her for a few days, I was told it was too inconvenient. So I took stock of my life and decided if I was to die then it would be somewhere warm. I looked at a newspaper and Lanzerote jumped out at me. So I came to Lanzerote after 6-7 weeks of walking Lanzerote and not finding a job, savings gone and no finances, I heard there was work in Fuertuventura the next island.

After a couple of days there I met a Muslim brother, although I did not know it at that time. He gave me a lift in his car, he had to take his cousin to a garage which was in the Hills, while they were talking I lit a cigarette and sat down on a rock and while looking at the view, I suddenly felt this calmness came slowly over me as if taking all my troubles away and for the first time in my life I felt peace. It was a beautiful experience tears well in my eyes. And to this day, three and half months ago I have not taken a tablet. My vitals are all normal. It was later that I learned he was a Muslim and I said I had an interest in reading the Quran and his mosque had an English translation that was how I became a Muslim.
I soon realised I would have to learn Arabic and as I could not speak Spanish either and none of my new Muslim brothers spoke English either, learning was practically impossible so it was decided I would have to travel farther afield and learned that a mosque Nour in Casablanca, Morocco took people like myself and accommodated and fed them for free. So my Muslim brothers put hands in their pockets and paid for my air tickets from Fuertaventura to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Nador. I got a train from Nador to Casablanca Mosque Nour only to find out they only took children and not adults.
Then began my journey, I went from Casablanca to Marrakesh,to Agadir, to Dakhla, now I was in the Western Sahara and still had not found a school to learn Islam and Arabic. I contacted my Imam in spain Imam Mochtar, Mesquitta al Forkan and asked him to suggest somewhere as he comes from Mauritania. He suggested Shaykh Bah’s Mahdhara where I am now, in the middle of the desert 150kms from Nouakchott and very hot.
But unfortunately although everyone has been hospitable and friendly, all the students are highly qualified. They know the Quran by heart and are all academics. It’s all way above me, I need basic training and from an English speaking tutor but I am trapped here as I do not have either savings or the finance to leave. That’s why I am asking for YOUR HELP by donating zakah or whatever you can so I maybe able to travel to somewhere outside Mauritania like Morocco, Egypt, etc and cater for myself while I get a sustaining job.

NOTE: In the sahih of Imam Muslim, it is narrated that ALLAH’s messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) said : ALLAH is at the aid of His servant as long as the servant is at the aid of his brother/sister.
I am calling upon your kind hearts to kindly give this new brother of ours your possible assistance in whatever capacity you can. He needs our support and any possible assistance counts so much. We have been here with him in the village and can vouch for his Islam, his love for people, struggle to get completely immersed into this deen and above all, his loves to see others happy.

His email is
Bank details for anyone interested in financial assistance.
Sort code: 83-22-10
Account no: 00658737
IBAN No: GB32RBOS83221000658737

May ALLAH’s love be with you all as you include us all in your duas.
Was salaam.