Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fiqh and Universal Law of Nature.

BismiLLAHI was Salaatu was Salaamu ‘alaa RasuliLLAH.
Experiences among students of knowledge differ from one place to another or one school to the other but while there are these different experiences, there are some peculiar things that occur in all centres of Islamic knowledge or knowledge circles amongst students of knowledge. This peculiarity is based on my experiences in different knowledge and student circles and what have been related to me by several students of knowledge who studied in places I have not been to. I may call this one of the sweetness in seeking knowledge as it sometimes keeps students of knowledge refreshed and relaxed and not feel nostalgic and lonely after months or years of being away from families and friends.

Students sometimes enjoy studying jurisprudence and they love it more when they start (what some of us here call) second chapter of fiqh: MARRIAGE. If you are reading this and have ever sat in study circles or been a student of knowledge at one point in your life, whether you are a brother or sister, you will agree with me that many spend their precious minutes discussing about when they will get hooked to their shining Shaykh or precious Shaykhah. Now you can see the big smile on your face because you know I am speaking the You can see a brother donning very long beards and a sister in her niqaab, all seekers of knowledge WALLAHI they all discuss about this...

Well, let me vindicate myself from the above mentioned as my interest in marriage is only based on the importance it plays in the life of Muslims and the rulings in the shari’ah as we see so many things happen today making people toil with this beautiful sunnah. This also leads us to discussing about the life of a woman as a wife, daughter, divorce, menstruation, etc.

Now my point, it was just like a moment like this that we started discussing about the rulings on menstruation, me being a student particularly concerned and have big interest in this topic. You can say what is my business with women’s issue but I tell you, there is more to it than what you think.

Then a student asked me, what will be the ruling if a man menstruates...Allahu akbar. I laughed when he asked but he went further to answer me when I asked him if he had seen or heard of a man menstruating which he answered in the affirmative. I asked where the blood was exiting from, he said from the back side, Ya Kareem.
Then I said to him, I also saw a man who gave He looked at me and laughed for almost a minute then asked, how possible is it and answered his question by himself that such is impossible. I said why is such impossible when it is possible that a man can menstruate? If a man can menstruate, meaning he has some ova in him and having these means there is tendency that if the ova is fertilized, it turns to an embryo which will then result to a baby as far as my old school biology knowledge is still concerned.

This brings me to look into the ways some of the jurists think...they give rulings on things that have never occurred but anticipates or thinks that there are possibilities for some of these things to happen. Many are there in the fiqh text I am presently studying and some people laugh over them. But I can remind some that when some of these scholars were including these things people see as strange and impossible to occur in their books, people questioned them over them but time has proven the occurrence of some of these issues and their ijtihad has really helped.
But I doubt if there is a scholar in any fiqh text that mentioned or will ever mention the possibility of a man menstruating. Reason, because this goes against the Sunnah al kawniyya (universal law of nature) as put by ALLAH the Most High. Thinking of its existence is like trying to figure out the possibility of a four side triangle.

I hope you don’t ask such a question and as for your brother and sister, do not discuss so much about marriage without importance.
I am always in need of your duas.
It’s your sincerely,
Al ‘abd al faqeer.