Friday, July 29, 2011



I was once complaining to my fiqh teacher Shaykh Mukhtaar HafidhahULLAH one day during a fiqh lesson from the Risalah of Ibn Abi Zayd al Qayrawani about some of the Shuyukh we have in my country and why it is necessary that I establish an institute in the future after studying enough with my Shuyukh. He said that when the institute is built, it will be named Ma'had Ar Risalah and asked me if I will take him as a teacher there. Indeed if ALLAH blesses me with such an opportunity, it will be a great pleasure to have such a scholar to run my institute.

This was how quick he named an institute we dream it to be a reality. But his way is almost the same with many other Mauritanians but in a wiser way.

In the city of Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, it is not difficult for you to find different restaurants, groceries and cybercafes with funny names. Many of these business centres are named after major events in world that have brought about public attentions.

For instance you will be in a taxi or walking on the street only to find a cybercafe or restaurant named Hamas Restaurant, Hizbullah restaurant,  Facebook cybercafe, Wikileaks cybercafe, ETC.

But I am yet to find  Allahu ma'anaa cybercafe or no peace for the wicked grocery.

This is the difference between the style of my Shaykh and these Mauritanian commoners. While my Shaykh named the dream institute by the name of the text I was studying, others name theirs by things - in my opinion - of no much importance.

Your duas for me that the dream of my Shaykh and I become a reality.

Was salaam