Thursday, May 31, 2012

My New Direction.

BismiLLAH, was salaatu was salaamu 'alaa RasuliLLAH.
It is several months since I last posted on this blog. Things have drastically changed for me since the day I left Mauritania.  I miss Mauritania and my teachers but leaving became very necessary. I left to enrol for further studies in Islamic studies in one of the universities in the South. AlhamduliLLAH after years of sitting with some of the heirs of Rasul Allah, Allah Jalla wa 'Alaa guided me again through my beloved friend Sidi Bilal to study at a university in his country. It is interesting how Allah uses this brother to facilitate my studies.

I remember the first week when I arrived Syria and went to register for the Abu Nour University's Arabic program, I was refused registration because I was a month late. Sidi Bilal after hearing of my situation went to the director of the program, spoke to him and he later allowed me to register. That was a good beginning for my studies of shari'ah abroad.

While many would think it is useless and a waste of time to do Islamic studies in our present day secular institutes, they sometimes neglect the fact that there is a need for students of our beautiful traditional institutes to furnish themselves with some challenging contemporary issues and discourses scattered here and there at these secular institutes. Although we could argue that the knowledge acquired in some of these universities are incomparable to the ones at our madaaris. However, a complete dismissal of them would be a fallacious thought. One of the blessings of our time, Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghudda said (RA), ''there are some things you get in rivers that you can't get in oceans''.

AlhamduliLLAH, one of my Shuyukh gave me a go-ahead to pursue this course and I feel happy doing this. It is new for me but I enjoy the whole of it. My professors are Muslims and are graduates some Islamic institutes such as al-Azhar and Seminaries in Pakistan. We have the opportunity to learn from them and get the tools and language used in the academia which we do not use at our madrassas.

In case you don't find more posts here, please check the link below for my articles on seeking knowledge. I have been given a page on the Noor al Islam Masjid Bolton website where my articles are posted. You can always email me for questions relating to studying sacred knowledge in traditional schools. Yours sincerely will always be there for you.

I ask you all to always remember me in your duas even if you can do it immediately after reading this. May ALLAH give us all hidayah and istiqaamah.

Was salaamu alaykum warahmatULLAHI