Saturday, July 13, 2013


BismiLLAH was salaatu was salaamu 'alaa khairi Khalqi Allah.

Having been silent over the months, I thought it would be a good thing to at least post something about this month for our thoughts.

It is Ramadaan again: the month of patience, mercy, forgiveness. The month of Qur'an, Dhikr, night of qadr. The month of the poor, mujaahadah and taubah. It is that month that has in it so many events and occasions.

AlhamduliLLAH, by His mercy, we are able to witness this month. Many were those who fasted with us last year but are not with us today, either that they have gone to the next life or Allah has not given them health to join us in fasting this month.

What will be of us after this month? Will we continue with the khair, the dhikr, the Qur'an recitations, the night prayers, the charity, the sincerity, and other virtuous acts we do in this month in the months ahead? Or will we be those who only see the mercy of Allah in the month of Ramadaan?

By Allah's goodness, I am fasting again in the city of Johannesburg. Last year was my first year in South Africa and it continues this year. This year, especially this month, I have been too occupied with my research work on West African tafsirs. I beg you all to pray for me that Allah makes for me the writing of my thesis easy and that I get a sound understanding of what I read and write. 

Just like we all say, I wish you all RAMADAAN MUBARAK. Kullu 'aam wa antum bi khair (in every year, you are in good health). Surprising to see the new Ramadaan greetings from friends.....they say, SAHUR MUBARAK, IFTAR KAREEM, HAPPY IFTAAR. 'Ajeeb, these are weird greetings that I have never heard before. 

Like a sister put in her email, that we should include in ours prayers Muslims who fled Myanmar and are spending Ramadhan in a detention centre and may we remember our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Egypt, Bangladesh, China, Libya, Tunisia, Kashmir, and every single part of this globe. 

May Allah give us the strength to fast this fasting in this beautiful month and may He accept our fasts and good deeds done in this month. 

And I end it by mentioning that, one of our dear teachers from Mauritania is visiting South Africa and inshaa Allah, I will be paying him a visit tomorrow. It will be nice to see him again after two years of been away from Mauritania.

Was sallaa Allahu 'alaa HabeebiHi Muhammad wa aalihi wa sallam.